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Singhdurbar, Kathmandu

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In view of the management of the internal work of the country after the 2007 political change in Nepal, The Home Ministry was established in the year 2008. Vi After the change of 2017 years, the name of the Home Ministry changed the name and made the Ministry of Home Panchayat and divided Nepal to 14 zonal 75 districts and the District High Commissioner and Chief District Officer were arranged. After the Local Administration Act, 2028, the work and authority of the officers and officers of the province was arranged properly.

"The main purpose of the home administration is to maintain the peace and security of the people in the country and protect the living of the people and their freedom." Regional administration office under the Ministry of Home Affairs, to strengthen the security of the people and make the services flow effective by making the services efficient and capable.The agencies including the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and National Research Department, have been operating from the center to the local level as the District Administration Office, District Administration Office, Border Administration Office and the Security Body, Prison Administration Department, Department of Immigration Department, Police Police Station Are there.



Working with the prevailing constitution and law of Nepal, the freedom of citizens, the rule of law, the human rights, and the democratic values and the recognition of the belief is the view of the home administration.



Domestic administration is aimed at conducting peace and security in the country by conducting home administration according to the demands and needs of the people.



Maintaining peace and security, protecting the lives, wealth and freedom of the people is the basic objective of the Ministry of Home Affairs.